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RADSON Radiators
These radiators produce an exceptionally high heat output equally across the room, they require a lower water volume, they heat up faster and they are more ecological since they use low energy. And that is why we recommend them!
Decorative Bioethanol Fireplaces
Choose the innovative fireplace that suits your space and enjoy the beauty of fire without smoke and the hassle that comes with it!
Central Heating Fireplaces
Save money by connecting your Central Heating to one of this top quality CTM (Italy) fireplaces and use wood instead of oil to keep you warm in the winter!
Wood Fired Ovens
“These ovens really get people’s imaginations going. They are brilliant tools for inspiring good times around the table. To my mind, wood fired ovens are the ultimate foodie must-have” Jamie Oliver on Wood Fired Ovens
Central Heating Electronic Programmers
Save money by dividing your Central Heating into different zones and use Horstmann Electronic Programmers to select which area of the house you want to warm up!
Pressure Pumps
Enjoy hot & cold water pressure at your house with our specifically customised for Cyprus STUART TURNER twin pumps!


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Stuart Turner WASTEFLO

No need for sewage pipes!

Fontana Forni

Fontana Forni Wood Fired Ovens Promotional Video

RADSON Radiators

Radson Radiators for Central Heating Promotional Video

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Our Professional Advice for Homeowners

  • Consider wood as your source of energy

    Everyone is wondering how they are going to cope this winter with electricity and oil prices being as high as they are. Invest in a wood fired boiler or a central heating fireplace and save money in the long term
  • Consider buying a water filter for your tap

    The majority of the people in Cyprus do not drink tap water. Imagine how much money you could save if you stopped buying bottled water and just buy a filter to connect to your tap water. Enjoy healthy water coming from your tap without bad odours or a bad taste by installing one of our water filters.
  • Mind the temperature you set!

    21-22°C are enough to keep your house warm in the winter. Avoid setting higher temperatures that will only result in using excessive energy.

Our Beliefs

  • We always tell our customers the truth. We don't manipulate them into buying our products. We convince them why our products are better by giving them facts and we always help them find the appropriate product to satisfy their needs.
    Kyriacos Zenios, Sales & Technical Manager
  • We are always looking to provide our clients with new, quality products that we carefully select in order for them to meet our company's standards and our customers' needs.
    Tasos Clerides, CEO